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Eligibility Criteria

All patients who are 16 years old and over with lacerations in the palm or finger consistent with a zone II flexor tendon injury should be screened for the study.

Eligibility criteria for outpatient screening

Inclusion criteria 

1. Patients aged 16 years or older: There is no upper age limit

Exclusion criteria 

1. Injury affecting more than one finger or the thumb: injury should affect one finger only.

Injuries that would be eligible for participation:

- One digit injured only with both FDS/FDP tendons severed.

- Multiple digits injured - only one digit with both FDS/FDP tendons severed, any other injured digits have superficial injury.

- Multiple digits injured – only one digit with both FDS/FDP tendons severed, other injured digits may have a partial tendon injury.

Injuries that would be ineligible for participation:

- Multiple digits injured – multiple digits with both FDS/FDP tendons severed. 

2. Injury outside of flexor tendon zone 2

3. Injury affecting multiple zones: injury should be located within zone 2 only.

4. Clinically infected wounds

5. Closed flexor tendon injury: an injury where the skin has not broken.

6. Previous tendon, bone or joint injury or condition affecting the injured digit

7. Patient do not have capacity to give informed consent

8. Patient is unable to complete the trial follow-up requirements: for this criterion, the judgement of the delegated health professional assessing eligibility is required. 

9. Contraindication to surgery

Eligibility confirmation in surgery for randomisation 

Inclusion criteria

1. Complete division of FDP and FDS in zone 2 of a single finger. 

2. Injury amenable to primary repair

Exclusion criteria 

1. Injuries with loss of tendon substance or skin necessitating reconstruction

2. Division of both digital arteries resulting in revascularisation of injured digit

3. Division of both digital nerves

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