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Nested Qualitative Study

40 FLARE participants and 20 clinicians including surgeons and hand therapists will be interviewed to assess the acceptability and experience of the surgical procedure and the rehabilitation regimens. 

We look forward to finding out the FLARE participant's views on the anaesthetic procedure used, the choice of various splints, and the post-surgery rehabilitation regimen. Along with interviewing hand surgeons and hand therapists, about their experience of delivering the two interventions; what challenges arose, and what information/training would be required in order to implement the findings from the Trial across the NHS.

I am interested in taking part, what do I do next?

If you have taken part in the FLARE Trial as a participant, or you are a surgeon or hand therapist working on the trial, and are interested in being interviewed, please contact the FLARE Trial Team on the following email address and we will send you further information:

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