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This page explains how accessible our website currently is.

This website is created using Google Sites. Google Sites has limited support for accessibility but at the moment we are not able to use a different web publishing system. Nonetheless, within these limitations, we have tried to make this website as accessible as possible since we want as many people as possible to be able to navigate it and have access to its information. So:

  1. We have included alt text for for images, logos, drawings, and other graphics.

  2. Following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, we have used high color contrast which makes text and images easier to read and comprehend.

  3. We have also used informative link text, numbered and bulleted lists where possible and text to support formatting.

Important Accessibility Tips:

Use Google Sites with a screen reader

Google Sites works with these screen readers

Chrome OS: Use the ChromeVox screen reader.

ChromeVox screen reader shortcuts (Chrome OS)

Use these shortcuts with the ChromeVox screen reader for the Chrome OS.

Description Shortcut

  • Start ChromeVox : Ctrl+Alt+Z

  • Navigate between controls (buttons, links, and so on): Tab or Shift+Tab

  • Navigate between each and every element: Shift+Search+Arrow keys

Microsoft Windows: Use Chrome or Firefox with either JAWS or a NVDA screen reader.

NVDA screen reader shortcuts (Windows)

Use these shortcuts with the NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA) screen reader for Microsoft Windows.

Description Shortcut

  • Start NVDA : Ctrl+Alt+N

  • Stop NVDA : Caps Lock+Q (if Caps Lock is set as the NVDA Modifier key)

  • Pause speech: Convert to snippetShift

  • Stop speech: Control

  • Next link: K

  • Next heading: H

  • Next table: T

  • Next list: L

  • Previous link: Shift+K

  • Previous heading: Shift + H

  • Previous table: Shift + T

  • Previous list: Shift + L

  • Resume video from start point: J

  • Play or pause the video : K

  • Next graphic/image: G

  • Previous graphic/image: Shift+G

  • Next Frame: M

  • Previous Frame: Shift + M

  • Next column in table: Ctrl+Alt+Right arrow

  • Previous column in table: Ctrl+Alt+Left arrow

  • Next row in table: Ctrl+Alt+Down arrow

  • Previous row in table: Ctrl+Alt+Up arrow

  • Say all: NVDA+Down arrow

  • NVDA modifier key: Caps Lock (you must set Caps Lock as NVDA modifier key)

  • Change mode of NVDA: Caps Lock

JAWS screen reader shortcuts (Windows)

Use these shortcuts with the Job Access With Speech (JAWS) screen reader for Windows.

Description Shortcut

  • Navigate between controls (buttons, links, etc.) : Tab/Shift+Tab

  • Anchor: A

  • Button: B

  • Combo Box: C

  • Different Type Element: D

  • Edit Box: E

  • Form Control: F

  • Graphic: G

  • Heading: H

  • Item in a List: I

  • Jump to Line: J

  • Return to Previous Line: Shift+J

  • Jump to Cell (Within Table): Ctrl+Windows Key+J

  • Return to Previous Table Cell: Ctrl+Shift+Windows Key+J

  • Place Marker: K

  • Temporary Place marker: Ctrl+K

  • List: L

  • Frame: M

  • Non Link Text: N

  • Object Tag: O

  • Paragraph: P

  • Block Quote: Q

  • Radio Button: R

  • Same Type Element: S

  • Table: T

  • Unvisited Link: U

  • Visited Link: V

  • Check Box: X

  • Division: Z

  • Heading at Level: 1-6

  • Step Past Element: Shift+Period

  • Step Before Element: Shift+Comma

Mac: Use Chrome and the VoiceOver screen reader.

VoiceOver screen reader shortcuts (macOS)

Use these shortcuts with the VoiceOver screen reader for the macOS.

Description Shortcut

  • VoiceOver key: Ctrl+Alt

  • Read all (published site): VO+A

  • Start or stop the VoiceOver: Command+F5

  • Item chooser: Ctrl+Alt+L

  • Next image link (published site): VO+Command+G

  • Previous image link (published site): VO+Command+Shift+G

  • Previous link (published site): VO+Command+Shift+L

  • Next link: Ctrl+Option+Command+L

  • Start interacting with items or sections: VO+Shift+Down arrow

  • Stop interacting with items or sections: VO+Shift+Up arrow

  • Navigate between options in a section: VO+Shift+Right or Left arrow

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